Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician 1



Position:            Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician(Shift)     Date:                March 11, 2016           


Group:               Advanced Filers                                                Prepared By:    Matthew B. Chiasson  


Division:           Carbon Black                                                      Reviewed By:   R. Turner 


Department::     Quality Assurance                                             Approved By:    R.Turner


Reports To:       Quality Improvement Superintendent 


GENERAL PURPOSE: ( A brief statement indicating the reason for the existence of this position)

Perform various chemical and physical tests on raw materials and in-process / final product carbon black according to prescribed standards and procedures.



PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: (The major activities or end results necessary to fulfill the position requirements on an ongoing basis)

  1. Set up and adjust laboratory equipment and instruments.
  2. Calibrate laboratory equipment and instruments when required.
  3. Perform physical and chemical tests on raw materials to verify conformity to specifications.
  4. Perform physical and chemical tests on in-process and final manufactured product to verify conformity to specifications.
  5. Provide accurate, timely and reproducible test results.
  6. Record all test results accurately and legibly on standardized forms per current published instructions.
  7. Perform routine / non-routine housekeeping jobs as required to keep area clean, safe and presentable.
  8. Maintain computer data files.
  9. Maintain inventory of materials and notify supervisor when purchases are required.
  10. Responsible for safety and environmental compliance of laboratory work, and maintaining safety standards set by the facility safety supervisor. Assures safe disposal of all material coming from the laboratory. Ensures safety of other employees and visitors.
  11. Maintain control charts on testing standards.
  12. Available to work shifts, weekends and holidays to provide 24 hours/day and 7days/week continuous laboratory coverage.
  13. Perform duties with a minimum of supervision.
  14. Analyze and resolve routine problems that may arise.
  15. Quality systems (SAP) entries, COA generation, departmental reports



STRATEGIC FOCUS: (The focus desired and expected on the position over the next 1-3 years)


Improve on maintaining a level of consistency and accuracy throughout all phases of testing, and increase timeliness of obtaining test results without losing accuracy.


NATURE & SCOPE: (Indicate the major challenges or unusual problems; the educational level and/or specialized or technical competence; the type and approximate length of job related experience; the types of decisions referred to other levels (how work flows to and from the position); who are the people and the nature of the contacts; and sources of support and guidance for the position)

  1. Must be able to work shifts, weekends and holidays.
  2. Must be computer literate with a working knowledge of Windows 95 and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Must be self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision.
  4. Perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  5. Must be a high school graduate.
  6. Must be able to communicate both in writing and verbally.
  7. College education and laboratory experience desirable.



Nearest Major Market: Beaumont